Mobi for Android gift Scam is now on Android


Normally mobi for Android gift Scam and congratulations pop-ups would make you think that you are lucky. However, this is a tool used by scammers to target users’ money. The ways scammers target consumer finances are elaborate but not hard to recognize.

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Forces of success of congratulations pop-ups


  1. Context of a gift card pop-up

All the scammers tend to identify device location using the device’s IP. Once this step is done, the malware chooses one of the biggest local stores and constructs a scam page using the firm’s symbolic, be it Walmart, Aldi or Amazon.

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  1. Congratulations ads use the excitement

No surprise scammers try to recall excitement: people tend to get emotionally affected by such things as winning a lottery or presenting a unique business opportunity. Another common way to get people involved is to persuade them that there is no time left. Mobi for android gift card scam usually appeals to the scarcity of time to grab the last card.

  1. Malicious malwares use redirects to the web – pages and browsers

One common congratulation pop-up scam is to use a web view to present some web content. Also, Mobi for android gift card scam could use the browser instead of webviews.

mobi gift card scam

These scams involve web redirect responses to conceal malicious content from the web resource which is being used by someone. The webview is particularly effective as it allows us to hide potentially suspicious URLs.

How to get rid of congratulations Samsung user 2020?


Unfortunately, the list of the outlined cowardly actions is not exhaustive.

There are certain measures that can help to protect you from the rapidly growing industry of online threats. The most important one is to install anti-virus software, which will cope with suspicious websites and eliminate them automatically.

Pay close attention to the information appearing on the web – page and doublethink before opening it.

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