Binance gift card

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A gift that pleases — a Binance gift card! Gift cards are simple and convenient.

What are the advantages of gift cards as a gift?


  • You can create a crypto gift card yourself. You determine the limit of the card, coins and themes yourself. The limit that can be credited to the balance will be determined for the User.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to choose a gift.

There is a way out — you need to give a Binance gift card! A person will choose what he needs, will invest, or spend taking into account the color, size, shape, or even smell.

A gift card is a perfect gift!

How is the Binance Gift card activated?

There is always a limit on the Binance gift card. The card is not active until you enter the code. Debiting from the card and crediting to the recipient’s Binance wallet occurs after the activation code is entered.

How long can I use the Binance Gift card?

The card has a gift card number. You can check the balance and status by using the gift card number.

How can I check the balance of my Binance gift card?

  1. Make sure you have a unique Binance gift card number. The gift card number is given to you by the person who made the gift.

2. Go to the exchange’s website and enter it in the field.

What is the difference between paying off and adding a card?

After receiving the card as a gift, you will need to enter its code. Then you can redeem the card or add a card to link it to your account.
To avoid mistakes and losses, it is best to immediately repay the cryptocurrency after receiving the gift.