Transfer Amazon gift card balance to a bank account

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Today Amazon gift cards are not an ill-considered gift. This is a real salvation for those people who did not have time to buy gifts. Modern gift cards offer a number of amazing benefits that are sure to please you and the recipient.

What are the advantages of an Amazon gift card compared to money in a Bank account?


1. Amazon gift card balance is less likely to be wasted.

When you give a gift, you want it to be something special that the recipient will appreciate. Since a gift card can be spent on the desired purchase, it is much less likely that it will be wasted.

2. Amazon gift card balance is great for shopping and online shopping, and it’s convenient!

Every year more and more people make purchases in our favorite Amazon via the Internet. From books and music to clothing and designer glasses, you can buy anything you want in Amazon over the Internet.

The Amazon gift card does not fight this trend but follows it.

3. You’re not overspending.

During the holidays, you can easily lose money, especially if you need to buy gifts for several people. The advantage of buying transfer Amazon gift card balance to bank account is that they can be bought with a set value.
You will not be tempted to spend a large amount. If your budget is limited, a gift card will help ensure you buy gifts for everyone.

Amazon gift card balance to a bank account is a great gift!

Because all people want to have at least one card Amazon.

Gift cards are very popular during the holidays. While some people are reluctant to agree, research has shown that about 60% of respondents would rather be happy with gift cards than other gifts.

transfer gift card balance amazon

You do not have to guess what to give to people from your inner circle this year. They’ll get what they’re sure to use.

It is not possible to transfer your Amazon gift card balance to another account, as stated on Amazon's Terms and Conditions. However, by contacting their Customer Service, they are able to un-redeem your gift card, and you should be able to redeem it to another account.

The question often arises: is it possible to transfer the balance of an Amazon gift card to a Bank account? Is it possible and how to do it?

We will explain how to transfer the balance of an amazon gift card to a Bank account.

  • In the Amazon Pay section, click Shoppers, then log in using your Amazon credentials.
  • Click The Withdraw Funds Button.
  • Select a Bank account.
  • Specify the amount to transfer to your Bank account.
  • Click The Continue Button.